sí/snowboard sisak SALOMON PACT GREY 2020, állítható ( TOP állapot )
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Unisex / Férfi

The Salomon Pact children's ski helmet is made using Hard Shell technology, where a hard shell made of durable ABS shell and a lightweight EPS insert are joined together. This type of ski helmet is extremely durable and highly effective.

Salomon's patented EPS4D technology maximizes shock energy absorption and protects against oblique and vertical shocks. Shock absorption is up to 30% higher than is common with other manufacturers. The passive ventilation system is arranged to dissipate heat very well and maintain a constant flow of air between the head, helmet and goggles.

The earmuffs are newly designed and offer better sound transmission, making you feel safer on the piste. You can comfortably adjust the size of the helmet with one hand, using the tightening wheel on the top. The inner liner, thanks to AdvancedSkin ActiveDry technology, removes moisture and retains the necessary heat. You will also enjoy the ability to easily remove and wash the inner liner.