hótalp INOOK POC
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The profile of the frame shows a turned-up bow to keep the snowshoe constantly above the snow.
The rear openings avoid any snow accumulation above and under the frame.

6 steel spikes are assembled whilst plastics are still hot; they are oblong or conic.
A front claw - either with three or five teeth- complements the hold with maximum grip.
Last complement of this concept is a denticulated frame profile insuring the best grip on any slope, and particularly whilst crossing steep slopes.
The design of the teeth has been studied to reduce friction.

This central system of the shoe, offers great comfort.
It combines different kinds of plastic components, which can adapt and fit perfectly with the ankle.
It can be placed precisely on the top of the ankle through a double regulation system on both sides.
Fine adjustments are made through a small lever; opening the binding is easy and immediate.


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