női síbakancs NORDICA NXT 85 W, ANTIBACTERIAL, ACP, micro, macro
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Kedvezmény 59%
110 000 Ft‎

46 000 Ft‎

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Mondo Point:
Men´s Shoe Size (Canada/USA):
Women´s Shoe Size (USA):

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Síelő szintje:
Kezdő / Szabadidős / Haladó
Síbakancs típusa:
All mountain
Méret a MONDO:
23; 23,5; 24; 24,5; 25; 25,5;
EU méret:
36,5; 37; 38; 38,5; 39; 40;
Méret mm-ben:
275 (23cm); 275 (23.5cm); 285 (24cm); 285 (24.5cm); 295 (25cm); 295 (25.5cm);
Flex index:

The ultimate in comfort, performance and adjustment: This is what the NXT Collection by NORDICA is offering you — the latest generation in all-terrain performance sports ski boots.

Included in the range, the NXT 85 W is one of the women's models with the highest flex. Easy to pull on or to remove, the numerous technical features have been combined together at an unbeatable price.

Featuring the cuff adjustment system, you can adjust the boot to a neutral, upright position, or to a comfortable position, regardless of the size of your calf. The thermoformed Primaloft® liner will guarantee you customized comfort and warmth.

Details like the anti-weather shield or the micro-ajustable hooks, make this a highly technical boot, perfect for progressing without effort.

You will feel so good in these boots that a day of skiing will pass all too quickly


  • Soles with extra grip: High traction double density PU
  • Liner width: 102 mm
  • Primaloft® PFP Comfort Fit W Liner
  • New Adjustable Cuff Profile (ACP): the ACP mechanism allows you to switch to a neutral upright position in a single gesture, whatever the size of your calf. It is therefore easier and more comfortable to ski all day long, regardless of the size of your calves
  • Four micro-adjustable alloy buckles
  • All-weather shield: A waterproof system built into the shell which prevents water from seeping into the boot. Dry feet, warmth and comfort are assured
  • Completely TRIAX (light construction)


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