gyerek síbakancs NORDICA GP T2 BLACK/red
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Kedvezmény 50%
40 000 Ft‎

20 000 Ft‎

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Mondo Point:
Men´s Shoe Size (Canada/USA):
Women´s Shoe Size (USA):

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Gyermek / Junior
Síelő szintje:
Kezdő / Szabadidős / Haladó / Profi
Síbakancs típusa:
All mountain
Méret a MONDO:
20; 20,5;
EU méret:
31; 32;
Méret mm-ben:
244 (20cm); 244 (20.5cm);
Flex index:

The Nordica GPT 2 ski boots are a fantastic choice for junior skiers who are making the huge leap from one buckle to two. It's actually not that big of a leap, but in terms of skier growth, both in a physical and a philosophical sense, it's the next logical step for all young skiers. Depending on foot size, you're getting into the second buckle allows for more instep pressure, holding that foot safe and secure no matter what the conditions or terrain. With more of a mid-entry style, the Nordica GPT 2 is easy to get on and off, and simple for kids to buckle. As opposed to the ratchet-style strap, the GPT 2 has a legit buckle that kids seem to have an easier time tightening and loosening. These alpine-soled boots are perfect for junior skiers who need that extra level of performance without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The cuff is still low, allowing for skiers to be able to find the pressure forward in the boot, making for an easier transition to the next level of skiing. If you can't flex forward in your boots, not only will your progression be limited, but your lower-leg safety will also be jeopardized. It's important to make sure the boot doesn't come up too far on the kid's lower leg, as it puts undue pressure on those bones. As a result, the Nordica GPT 2 junior ski boots are a great option for the shorter skiers with the longer feet who are looking to get into a sweet two-buckle boot.

Features :

- Junior Last

- 2 Buckle Flex

- Mid-Entry Style

- Junior Alpine Soles


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