síléc HEAD SUPERSHAPE i.RALLY SW 2019, ERA 3.0s, GRAPHENE, KERS system, grip walk + Head PRD 12 ( TOP állapot )
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316 000 Ft‎

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Head PRD 12
Unisex / Férfi
Síléc típusa:
Szlalom / All mountain / All round
Síelő szintje:
Szabadidős / Haladó / Profi
Síléc hossza:
135-76-114 (170cm);
13,7 (170cm);
76 (170cm);

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The HEAD SUPERSHAPE I.RALLY is the ski that carries the genome of the supershape range, powerful, yet playful, to offer you maximum sensation on groomed snow. Its attributes include an elongated rocker in the tip, awider waist and ashort radius.Together, these attributes present a very manoeuvrable and responsive ski with an impressive hold and restart and which brings a certain tolerance even to the most technical terrain It will delight skiers who enjoy sports skiing sessions and want the best equipment for it, but who are not averse to a bit of an easier ride now and then.Equipped with Graphene World Cup Sandwich Cap construction and a wood and graphene core, the ski has a large reservoir of power for serious carving. The ABS sidewalls give it an exemplary hold while the Titanal reinforcement plate provides stability and a high level of ski/snow contact.

The KERS, furthermore, provides a reserve of power for acceleration when leaving the turn..
The ERA 3.0 technology combines "rocker" with "performance". The Rocker makes the initiation of the turns easier and enhances the manoeuvrability of the ski. The progressive radius adds precision to the initiation of the turn and enhances the grip in the turn. Intellirise Rebound minimises the vibrations and increases the stability at high speeds.

A manoeuvrable and mega-performing ski which will satisfy you at every turn on the tracks, regardless of the terrain.

Construction :

- GRAPHENE World Cup Sandwich Cap Construction: the GRAPHENE construction incorporates the most sophisticated material known to man. In fact, GRAPHENE is the most resistant material for its weight. This allows it to give the ski an excellent responsiveness and obviates the use of other materials, thereby ensuring a very light, highly performing structure.
Straight sidewalls in the construction combine with GRAPHENE in a wood core that is reinforced with Titanal and lighter fibreglass and carbon. This structure, which derives directly from racing, gives the ski an extreme agility and responsiveness for the ultimate in performance.

- KERS: this technology functions like a turbo which boosts power and acceleration by stiffening the tail of the ski during the exit from the turn. The effect is a boost that propels the skier into the next turn. Head's KERS technology is a completely automatic integrated electronic system. It has a bearing on the longitudinal flex of the ski via an electronic chip which accumulates the energy and releases it upon the exit from the turn at the designated moment.- ERA 3.0: this is a mix of three different technologies which ensures that you derive maximum benefit from the advantages of a ski with Rocker. The SPEED ROCKER enhances the manoeuvrability of the ski. The PROGRESSIVE RADIUS: the radius of the ski has been reduced at the rocker so that there is no need to give it an angle for the ski to make contact with the ground, which improves the grip. The INTELLIRISE REBOUND improves the stability of the ski by reducing undesirable vibrations at the tip. In the Supershape range, the rocker and the radius of the tip are modified according to the model.- Intelligence technology: assists your ski to continuously acquit itself of its mission with regard to the terrain and your personal style. Composed of intellifibres placed at 45° in front of the binding and which convert the mechanical impulses of the ski into electric energy. The more powerful your ski, the greater the production of electric energy will be. This energy is then redirected towards the intellifibres which become rigid and give the ski greater rebound and torsional rigidity. This, in turn, ameliorates the contact of the edges with the snow and stabilises the whole ski.- Structured UHMC racing base: the best characteristics, base and finish in the world. Technicians who produce the skis for the World Cup Rebels use these very same materials and machines to incorporate this ultra-fast base and structure into your skis.

- Speed Rocker: for perfect manoeuvrability on compact snow – a slight tilt on a ski with classic camber, allowing for excellent performance, facilitates the initiation of the turns and offers great efficiency on soft snow. 10% rocker and 90% camber: just what it takes to soften the angles while retaining just enough bite in the turns. Speed Rocker turns Head cross-country skis into speed bombs with power-steering. As quick as lighting.


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